Where it all began....Relaxing, daydreaming, thinking of all the pets I have had and loved. Glancing over at my Malinois, Kaynah, and pondering her many allergies and diet constraints. When all of a sudden--a light bulb comes on---she's not the only one. There are so many pets out there that cannot enjoy a treat,--- any treat. That is just WRONG. I need to address this issue, study nutrition, allergiies,  create recipes, and bring healthy gourmet treats to all pets Thus the creative side of me was released. Since 2010 I have strived to create original recipes that are healthy, beneficial, safe, and cater to many different dietary needs. We have grain-free, wheat-free, & gluten-free snacks. We have low fat-high protein. Doggie weight watchers. Vegetarian, vegan, and meat lovers treats. I am constantly creating, refining, and enhancing our treats.

Now to the subject of Imports. I am very passionate about this. SAY "NO" TO IMPORTS. There are so many sad, sad stories caused by imported treats and/or ingredients. 
Our treats are rawhide free. I'm sure everyone has heard at least one or two rawhide nightmares. Skins and Rawhide are two very different products. Skins are safe. Our skins are USDA inspected and passed for human consumption.

We have increased our Jerky line to include pig ears, chicken feet, duck feet,chicken necks,turkey necks, pig skin rolls, beef trachea, beef lung, bully sticks (yes, we process them from raw) texas teabags, raw bones (will not splinter), cow hooves, and much more. All homeprepared and USA born and raised.

Thank you for visiting Yellow Dog Treats. I look forward to a long and happy relationship with you and your pets.

Linda and the Yellow Dogs