"Haggen-Dawg" Ice Cream Mix


Our original recipe "Haggen-Dawg" Ice Cream arrives as a powdered mix. To prepare:  remove lid, add 1/2 cup hot water, whisk to dissolve, replace lid, freeze overnight.

In the morning you have ice cream that is the consistancy of human ice cream. It is scoopable, creamy, and delicious (yes, I tasted it-Shhhh.) You can scoop out the amount you wish to serve and freeze the remainder for months. Ha-like it would remain uneaten that long!

Haggen-Dawg comes in 3 flavors. Madagascar Vanilla, Natural Peanut Butter, and our "Signature" Wisconsin Cheddar Cheese.


Ingredients: Bakers non-fat powdered milk, beet root crystals, pinch of pink himalayan sea salt, gelatin.