Raw Bones - Beef


We procure all our meat and poultry raw from our local butchers. No need to worry about imports or chemicals. Everything is USA born, raised and processed. When we get it Raw, we know the quality is exceptional and it is locally sourced. NO IMPORTS!!

Our bones, since they are raw, will not splinter. Safe, fully digestable, loooooong lasting. Great for cleaning tartar off their teeth. Especially great for teething puppies. Keeps them busy,(leaving the rugs, shoes, furniture..... alone). I recommend freezing them. It not only makes them last longer, but, for the teething puppies the cold sooths their gums.  They can also be stuffed like a kong, frozen, and given back to your dog. Happy chewing!!!

Please choose a size appropriate bone for your furbaby. If in doubt--go bigger. Too small and I worry about them trying to swallow it whole.